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Jiang An: Chinese summer orange the countryside of bamboo of the first county, o

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Jiang An, be located in upper reaches of the Yangtse River, be located in between guest of Sichuan south appropriate and Lu city, cross two sides of the Yangtse River. Here the land of country is beautiful, scenery is attractive, ancient have “ state power the praise of especially beautiful ” , all through the ages is the cloud, expensive, plain the distribution centre of goods and materials of 3 provinces. Jiang An is located in south Sichuan basin predestined relationship, highland of river valley of upper reaches of the Yangtse River, traffic is convenient, climate is friendly, rainfall is abundant, solar and enough, the semi-tropical fruit such as development orange is advantaged, it is area of project of fruit of the middle reaches on the Yangtse River that U.N. world bank invests. Jiang An has all sorts of fruits 34 breed, 150 many strain, grow an area 85 thousand mus, produce if really twenty-seven thousand five hundred tons; Among them orange is given priority to with Xia Chen, execute late-mature and early, medium, thoroughbred form a complete set, umbilical orange is judged many times to be gold prize of Chinese agriculture exposition continuously, summerly orange, bright and beautiful orange, litchi, plum is judged to be a province high grade product, be famous in global. Already became the throughout the country's biggest summerly orange base now. Arrive at the beginning of 21 centuries, fruit crop will achieve 5—10 10 thousand tons. History of Jiang Anzhu craft is long, be in early 1919 on Panama international exposition, jiang Anzhu reed ever won a gold prize. The Zhu Hai austral river An Youshu and “ benevolence the bamboo resource that teems with with 100 Zhu Hai ” 200 thousand mus, the bamboo handicraft that makes with Nan bamboo especially and bamboo decorate an industry already famed whole nation, be famous in global. Jiang An is the miscellaneous bamboo base of the province, produce per year on miscellaneous bamboo 10 thousand tons, nan bamboo 200 thousand, bamboo goods is famed global, share 500 many breed, the product sells as far as to 20 many countries and area. Again how does together with river teem with Xia Chen, the high grade fruit such as umbilical orange, make Jiang Ansu has the good name of the countryside ” of “ orange bamboo. Jiang An special local product is numerous, the famed whole nation such as pink of Xia Chen, bamboo shoot, Zhu Sun, knock.

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