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Sichuan travel shops piece -- dish of appropriate guest bud

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Dish of appropriate guest bud is famous Sichuan “ one of ” of 4 names dish, it is the special local product of appropriate guest, having long history. According to can taking an examination of data Qing Jiaqing " annals of appraise state seat of government. Products " in account: Garlic of “ green leek. . . . . . Turnip of Chinese cabbage green vegetables. . . . . Each hall county annals all has. ” specification has had as the green vegetables of raw material —— of bud dish at that time relatively extensive cultivated.
Dish of appropriate guest bud is in long-term development process, below the collective influence of producing area environment and humanitarian element, formed oneself distinctive local color gradually: Sweet, sweet, fragile, tender, bright, be able to take the place of the traditional sauce that acting according to legend makes Sichuan widely known bloats dish.
Above all, 2 smooth picket regard the treatment raw material of dish of appropriate guest bud as place of city of Sichuan appropriate guest peculiar breed, belong to flocculus mustard kind, the root after maturity tender and rich bounce, advisable raw material of first-rate of guest bud dish.
Next, climate of appropriate guest city is belonged to in climate of semi-tropical wet monsoon, all the year round gentle and wet. There is rich appropriate souse barmy in air and edaphic environment microbial. These are many beneficial microbial fermented the local color with distinctive dish of appropriate guest bud produces in the process in the souse of bud dish. This lets us remember appropriate guest city the 5 grain of —— of special local product that another enjoys negative great reputation fluid, both between those who having different in approach but equally satisfactory in result is clever.
In the course of long-term development history of dish of appropriate guest bud, formed a distinctive treatment technology. According to data account, between clear Guang Xunian, appraise city (appropriate guest is old say) the farmer of outskirts goes to its green vegetables foliaceous analyse silk, air is basked in measurable, mix salt, brown sugar, rejoin flavor makes up outfit altar to bloat store and into.

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