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Appropriate guest travel shops piece

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Appropriate guest is located in plain, Guizhou, another name for Yunnan Province the have a common boundary of 3 provinces, it is Sichuan basin and the combinative department of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, min river and Jin Shajiang are here converge and growing river, such geographical feature and water system distributing, facilitated the products with appropriate rich guest, the famous goods that produces with these content has fluid of dish of bud of government office of appropriate guest black tea, gold-rimmed beef, appraise, 5 grain to wait.
Additional, the bamboo handicraft that derives for raw material with bamboo also travels in appropriate guest quite important place is had in shopping. Characteristic craft is combining feeling of local style of writing, formed an elegant manual artwork, behaving the amorous feelings with appropriate peculiar guest with straightforward and plain characteristic, in handicraft of a lot of bamboo, bamboo is made up, bamboo reed, Zhu Gendiao is most the bamboo craft category that suffers people to love.

Appropriate guest still is the place of inhabit a region of a Miao Zu, the tourist can be in the process of amuse oneself the craft such as the Miao Zu wax printing that him choose and buy of thorough seedling countryside likes and embroidery is tasted.

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