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Appropriate guest travel shops piece -- appropriate guest black tea

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Appropriate guest black tea is one of tea of our country's famous husband of 3 great merit, as red as another name for Yunnan Province of ” of “ Qi Gong, “ ” is eponymous. Appropriate guest black tea basically has two kinds, it is Sichuan kongfu black tea, its characteristic is manufacturing season picked and early, delicate, do manual work is painstaking, blame with early Bai Jian character of black tea of one class kongfu is optimal; It is red broken tea, it is fresh and tender tea to be tightened via kneading mincing and the grain state that becomes even and orderly, its characteristic is divide evenly of “ grain close ties delicacy of neat, colour and lustre, aroma thick, Shang Segong ” of alcohol of colourful, flavor spy.

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