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Appropriate guest travel shops piece -- egg of flooey of appraise government off

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Egg of flooey of appraise government office is treated together for Qing Dynasty in (controlled 1860) today Zhang Zhujun of countryside of environs dish dam is contrived, be immerse duck's egg to the fermented glutinous rice of good at matching condiments comes 3 years in rummy juice and be become. Its tradition produces craft to want to pass 3 phase and 10 working procedure, main category has south egg of flooey egg, people in a wretched state, age flooey egg 3 kinds. The main characteristic of flooey egg is “ egg pledges orange of blackish red of delicate and downy, yoke, albumen is yellow, mellow sweet quiet and beautiful, oily continous of sweet, aftertaste grows the Sha Ke mouth, delicacy that feed flavour ” , the wine that it is assist aids board cate. Egg of appropriate guest flooey ever sold as far as to and other places of Shanghai, Nanjing, HongKong and Macow, southern Asia. The ”1982 of egg of flooey of government office of appraise of card of “ gold duck of the production after liberating year obtain Sichuan to omit name of high grade product, mixed 1982 judged for two times 1984 for commercial department high grade product, 1985, ever organized flooey egg 40 thousand are exported to abroad.

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