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Appropriate guest travel shops piece -- pink of red bridge knock

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Pink of red bridge knock originates in the red bridge of Jiang An county to press down, it chooses high grade polished glutinous rice to be raw material, the course immerses, strong naughty, grind oar, depart to smash wait to more than 10 working procedure refine and be become. Pink of red bridge knock can use water skillet decoct to wait make mug-up of fruit, Shang Yuan, soft cake wait all sorts of fastfood. The pig of “ red bridge that makes with knock pink especially cake ” , with the makings making stuffing such as cherry, walnutmeat, white sugar, after the course enrages evaporate or water is boiled, colour and lustre jade-like stone white, shining and transparent, entrance flavour is delicious, those who have a typical case plain south wind flavour.

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