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Appropriate guest travel shops piece -- screen hill covers vinegar

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Screen hill covers vinegar to originate in screen hill county, hill of original name screen basks in vinegar, vinegar of flavour of renown medicine music. It comes out at Qing Qianlong year. According to account, cover vinegar to be too place of Hong Si dignitary contrives. Temple monk because constant drink this vinegar, enjoy advanced age is more than 100 years old, method of this wine vinegar passes folk, succeed is incessant. It is mixed with rice bran add up to to 108 flavour medicinal herbs is made and be become. Screen hill covers palm of acetic colour and lustre red, acerbity and soft alcohol, recall tastily, extraordinary fragrance is tangy, long put changeless. This vinegar already but cooking flavors, can take the place of again tea Shang Xiao drinks. It has ooze person taste, solution irritated thirsty, disappear is full bilge, stomachic result, still have fall blood pressure, relieve a cough cough, go catching a cold the effect of epidemic. Reason screen hill covers vinegar famed far and near, by people praise the dew ” that is “ gold oar.

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