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Entertainment of appropriate guest travel piece

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The public place of entertainment of appropriate guest basically is centered in the flourishing region of its urban district, mix with street of appropriate guest north, democratic road namely south the street is in axis, cover people road, Zhongshan region, on the west street, east inside the area such as road of street Hebin river. The type of public place of entertainment basically has shake bar, slow, enlighten place of cafe of building of city of song of hall, KTV, tea, recreational meeting, recreational project is opposite for relatively simple.
Be located in road of democracy of area of emerald green screen of appropriate guest city shadow of 65 appropriate guest people is appropriate guest what became famous most is muti_function public place of entertainment, collect meal, report plays, Internet bar, recreational recreation is an organic whole, can satisfy the need of different age group.
Phone: 0831-8236442

In the contain on 18 streets Wan Sanmei is met place is the integrated public place of entertainment that meal of a collect and recreational health care are an organic whole, the tired out put an end to that the evaporate of medicine of type of Tibet of —— of health care Tibetan type inside can make journey medium is in the drug of different region is popular in.
Phone: 0831-8234999

MIX music club is a green vogue enlighten hall, second floor structure is installed, there is the most popular MIX music inside, most the music of HIGH, the strongest acoustics, let you enjoy the insanity with most advanced tide to the top of one's bent!
Address: Guesthouse of 5 grain fluid leaves democratic way 110 phones: 0831-8227598

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