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Appropriate guest travel shops piece -- store of government office of appropriat

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Store of appraise government office indicates as appropriate guest sexual commerce is built, the course is prepared meticulously, enrol business plan, at official on April 30, 2003 start business, become Guizhou of plain another name for Yunnan Province to combine model of architectural of the commerce in department section, it is collect shops, the urban new space that recreational, meal, recreation is an organic whole, it is to offer with intermediate brand (domestic famous brand) give priority to, brand of archives of on the high side (Hong Kong, Taiwan and foreign famous brand) for complementary this locality shops first-rate of the environment regional integrated model shopping centers. Already managed a year many at present, once battalion principle is perfected ceaselessly,also abide by this just about, improve, promote a brand orientation and obtained certain result.
Store of appraise government office (general merchandise) as large omnibus ethical business is retail enterprise, introduce domestic and international concept of advanced management of contemporary department store and mode, emphasize whole gender and strategical, go after complete close affection to change a color at the same time, it is base point with humanitarian construction, establish new-style company hard culture and management characteristic, the commodity that quarry is worth somewhat and close affection change astral class service to form management entire content. Store of appraise government office (general merchandise) do one's best lets science and tide conform, brand and vogue are allied. Capture tide, pursueing style is person of appraise government office's indefatigable pursuit.
Address: Road of people of city of guest of Sichuan province appropriate 14

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