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Silver-colored peak guesthouse

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Promoting guesthouse of article county silver-colored peak is Sichuan travel of industrial group strange strong and pervasive fragrance develops lofty of province bright and beautiful limited company 2002 January whole buys guesthouse of government of Yuan Xingwen county to transform those who build promote article county guesthouse of first star class, repose at scenery of national emphasis travel scenic spot —— of seat of countryside of Ou Shihai hole promotes middle of road of sweet hill of —— of a sector of an area of article county gold. Traffic convenient, equipment advanced, service is comfortable and considerate, decorous. “ serves the first, environment the first, quality the first, sincere letter the service that the first ” is us is affirmatory; “ satisfaction leaves the god now, the brilliant ” that sincere letter exchanges tomorrow is our management tenet; “ solidarity act vigorously is entered, innovation management, dedicate sincerely, casting brand ” is our spirit of enterprise. Silver-colored peak guesthouse is conference of a collect, business affairs, travel, guest room, meal, recreation those who be an organic whole is muti_function guesthouse of class of star of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, faculty is cordial the arrival that welcomes you, serve for you wholeheartedly.

Guesthouse has luxurious level 28, between the standard 70, between two-men 15, flatlet 8, odd world 7, in all many pieces of 240 bed. Have can one-time hold 300 people at the same time the banqueting hall of have dinner 1, hold 60 people have dinner is medium at the same time hall 2, elegant hall 14, it is collect sings, what recreation of card of recreational, chess is an organic whole is muti_function have dinner hall. Center of Fu Kangyuan peace and happiness can be one-time offer about a hundred person bath is sufficient at the same time, sauna, massage. Top-ranking establishment, serve first-rate, enjoy first-rate, promote article county from time to tome together the most luxurious nightclub at any time await respectively your presence, it is the optimal option that you eliminate exhaustion.

Silver-colored peak guesthouse

Address: Date of?4 of bore with a reamer of Min of Si of admire of humorous of the Piao austral the Song Dynasty of travel of Mou of suck of Mu ㄊ ∫

Phone: 0831-8828555

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