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Guesthouse of accord with river

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Guesthouse of river of accord with of restaurant of SamSung stage travel, be located in countrywide National People's Congress the guest of appropriate of birthplace —— Sichuan of Li Peng's chairman and Yang Hansheng of great master of the literary world is tall prefectural north city (celebrate Fu Zhen) , urban district of northing appropriate guest 40 kilometers, guesthouse covers an area of a face to accumulate 56 mus, cent period is built, first phase already built devoted operation by contemporary style, the 2nd period project style is recreational and villatic type. Draw near according to hill water, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, scene Yi is applied, it is meeting Wu, go vacationing, the good place of travel.

Hotel facilities perfects functional all ready: One, guest room has flatlet, level 64; 2, meeting Wu is recieved have those who hold 460 people is muti_function auditoria 1, the auditoria of 50 people less than 1, the auditoria of 15 less than 3; 3, hall of the dining-room in dining-room cent, Western-style food and chaffy dish hall, can recieve 500 people repast at the same time; 4, recreation sets gym of nightclub, sauna and v/arc waiter; 5, facilities of business affairs center is advanced, quick; Elegance of beauty parlor of bar, hairdressing is easy; Computer management is carried out inside the house, deserve to the complete form a complete set such as bath of door lock of central air conditioning, elevator, electron, surf serves establishment.

The service concept that faculty takes “ sincerity, warm, enthusiastic ” , welcome your presence!

Guesthouse of accord with river

Phone: 0831-5419999 5419866 5410688

Address: Sichuan saves tall county to celebrate accord with to press down river bank road

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