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Hole country big public house

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Hole country big public house is located in highway of county sweet hill on the west paragraph, it is the travel hotel that builds by SamSung standard, cover an area of a face to accumulate 3100 square metre, floor area 8500 square metre, always invest 25 million yuan, traffic convenient, establishment is all ready.

Have standard guest room 75, size dining-room 5, can recieve repast of 160 people accommodation, 800 people at the same time, it is collect meal, guest room, recreation, fitness, sauna those who be an organic whole is muti_function travel is recreational hotel.

The hotel will act on “ guest the first, service the first, sincere letter the principle of the first ” , inside strong government, outside develop passenger source, with beautiful environment, excellent service, welcome the visitor of each presence hotels, make due contribution to promote the development of civil travel career, in order to answer the care of newspaper society all circles and support!

Hole country big public house

Address: Bore with a reamer of Min of Si of admire of humorous of Song Na Piao?

Phone: 0831-8826598

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