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Area of pleasance of force of industry of 5 grain fluid

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World architect congress " contemporary China builds artistic creation to make award " demonstrative dot of countrywide industry travel

"One branch alone beautiful Sichuan landscape, guest of total appropriate of 1000 kinds of vintage wine " . Appropriate guest is Chinese wine, having 3000 old make wine history. "5 grain fluid " it is world liquor king, the be a comprehensive expression of of Chinese wine culture person. "Sea of 10 lis of wine " area of garden of industry of 5 grain fluid, collect wine culture and gardens landscape at an organic whole, dimensions is baronial, of great momentum. The tourist comes to plant area of 5 grain fluid, flow to be mixed at gardens landscape repeatedly modern building group in, the excellent alcohol that tasting wine of name of an ancient name for China is sweet, myriad of deep feeling of all without exception.

Travel sees a drop: Souvenir of product line of wine of house of wine emperor hill, wine history, name, travel house.

Sweet clew:

Go travel of area of garden of industry of 5 grain fluid goes sightseeing, can multiply in the urban district 2, 11 buses are headed for, also can head for by the taxi in the urban district.

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