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Li Zhuang ancient town

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Alias of article of national level history is pressed down

Li Zhuang is located in appropriate guest environs the Li Zhuang dam of south bank of the Yangtse River that 19 kilometers are in, ancient it is fishing village, han Daiceng sets stage. Historic site of cultural relic of Li Zhuang ancient town is numerous, humanitarian landscape assemble, ancient building group dimensions is baronial, position is precise, reflected thoroughly bright, quiet period plain south the architectural characteristic such as civilian house, temple, hall. Ancient building group do manual work of medium woodcarving carved stone is careful, lifelike, higher art appreciates value. Li Zhuang still is one of culture centers of rear area of period of War of Resistance Against Japan. 1939, the national university that be the same as aid, golden hill university, academy central, museum central, China is built learn more than 10 advanced institution of higher learning such as the company and change of place of scientific research courtyard to be stationed in Li Zhuang, because of,countrywide famous expert, scholar is like Li Ji, Lin Hui, Liang Saicheng gather what Li Zhuang amounts to 6 years is long, liang Saicheng was finished here " Chinese building history " carry a vessel this make.

Main tourist attraction: Have hall of temple of the Hui Guangsi of bright generation, Dong Yue, snail coming back, mountain villa of the Home Zhang ancestral temple of clear generation, Li Feng, China builds the 10 more than part such as site learning a company. Still have be known as " Li Zhuang 4 absolutely " window of monument of hall of cabinet of the four stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper, snail coming back, 9 dragon, 100 cranes.


Travel information gas station

Traffic: Passenger station of appropriate guest south bank takes an any hair to arrive namely toward Li Zhuang's bus
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