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Hua Gu of screen hill dragon is pressed down

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Alias of provincial history article is pressed down

Dragon China ancient town is located in hill of screen of screen hill county place of the 37 kilometers austral the town, what build dragon China temple because of bright generation and get a name. Ancient town history is long, it is important place of garrison of frontier defence of past dynasties Sichuan, ever set restful camp, repair fortification wall, fort. Town churchyard has provincial cultural relic to protect carved stone of hole of unit red glow and statue, still have save whole tradition neighbor and civilian house. In fine Sha Xi two sides has state of 30 thousand much individual plant tree of Luo of Suo of plant of one class protection, be located in fish the red glow landforms of the village is beautiful much appearance.

Travel information gas station

Traffic: Sanded Jiangxi of gold of edge of Cong Yibin city goes 70 more than kilometer, go along the north of a mountainous area highway that circles zigzag again through screen hill county 37 kilometers arrived Long Hua is pressed down, car Cheng makes an appointment with 5 hours.

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