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Source of the peach outside Zhu Haishi goes vacationing hotel

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Source of the peach outside Zhu Haishi goes vacationing the hotel is a collect goes vacationing, the travel holiday resort that the conference, recreational, hot spring is an organic whole. It is located in town of sea of bamboo of county length peace, be located in position of center of 3 all corners of the country. Source of the peach outside the Zhu Haishi that already built now goes vacationing hotel, it is congress of development of travel of the 4th Sichuan advocate assembly room, it is the international conference that builds according to level of 5 stars grade goes vacationing hotel, have guest room 454 (set) , can recieve 1000 people conference at the same time, 1000 people at the same time have dinner.

Travel information gas station

Traffic: The tourist can take 4 3 road, buses to arrive to car of change of south bank passenger station inside appropriate guest city county length peace, transfer again next can arrive.

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