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僰 person hangs coffin and 僰 culture

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僰 person hangs coffin

The grave of archaic cliff bury before bright generation group, countrywide key cultural relic protects an unit. Basically center in hemp pond dam and Su Ma bay two ground. With the coffin the dead

Mu Fang buy is a feature on cliff bluff. Store in all hang coffin 265, it is to look the amount is saved inside front door most, most centralized place. Buy coffin height

, general distance is upper 10 meters of ~ 50 meters, highest person amount to 100 meters. Buy coffin means, it is stake type, certain on cliff namely aperture 2 ~ 3, wedge

Stake holds coffin in the palm with raising; 2 it is type of authentic acupuncture point, horizontal acupuncture point certains on the wall or set upright acupuncture point in cliff namely, put coffin in order to fill;

Seam Cheng Fang coffin. Coffin head large remaining part is small, it is whole wood more, with child the mother is buckled and the rabbet is secured. Use admire bury of body straight limb, flax wraps corpse, taste buy along with bury

The foot plays two side, amount adventitious, have articles made of bamboo of chinaware, wood, ironware and fabrics of flax, among them fabrics of flax is most, have a few silk. Of the bury that hang coffin

A group of things with common features belong to, academia dispute is quite big, the person having 僰 that concentrates quite says, person of an associate in office says. Meantime is acting, upper limit is sealed, floor level is bright generation.

Hemp pond dam hangs coffin

Person of 僰 of county of a kind of jade hangs the core part of coffin. In the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of county of a kind of jade the watch presses down dam of southwest hemp pond. Dam thing is 300 meters wide ~ 500 meters, pang

Crab brook is worn from inside dam flow and pass, brook bank thing is confronting each other 21 continuous fluctuant cliff, hang coffin to distributing today on bluff. Existent 223, with stake
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