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Evening beautiful Shan Gumin is resided

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Our country saves the wholest ancient time at present civilian house is built group one of, countrywide key cultural relic protects an unit. In river of Jiang An county the 20 kilometers austral An Zhendong are in on dam of evening beautiful mountain area village. Bright 10 thousand all previous 40 years (161 years) build, period of classics Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China repairs fine and soft greatly a few times, save up to now complete. Sit south northerly, na Yian far mountain range, north is faced layer upon layer shallow grave, have " 1000 people submissively, 10 thousand hill come the imposing manner of face " . Cover an area of 680 thousand square metre, floor area 10 thousand more than square metre. Wear structure of the woodiness that fight form to hang hill, the room abandons 123, deep courtyard high fence, upturned eaves black is made of baked clay, gu Mu is very tall, set off one another in Yu Xiuzhu Mao Linzhi, the picture is pretty. Plane is combination siheyun type, depth 3 into, gate, main hall, hind hall is ordinal park one in on axes, in axes is left, right each are strewn at random the buy that send the ground has 3 to take wing, whole position form is consistent and volant the red-crowned crane that is about to fly stops on an ancient bottle, meaning to make the same score (bottle) An Hexiang (circle in the air) " : Manorial east 3 take wing, the photograph of false or true that uses housing and courtyard is unripe, make figure of " of " paper, Chinese ink, pen, inkstone, craftsmanship carries alone. Manorial around controls each buy to have a pond, hind garden, on the west garden, east garden. Whole structure position is precise, primary and secondary is trenchant, close orderly, each other is echo. Withheld the Song Dynasty, bright since folk builds a style. The adornment place of business on main body building is serious solemn, full of humour and wit, below premise of architectural of outstanding and main sex, tend diversity changes. Column plinth, hump much draw has graph of cloud water, lotus, geometry to wait constitute auspicious pattern, become warped on fastigium head and complementary with magnetism piece applique grain adornment. In the middle of model leaves front yard of " , " with elegant " valley title firm " of building of Huang He of the " that change goose, " , " travel notes " , " eights saints go across the sea on the west the design of historical fabulous story such as " . 18 antechamber buy has 14 to close door of partition board of 28 ligneous arris, in the middle of 4 on quarter have " fishing, firewood, agrarian, read " graph of woodcarving of 4 hollow out. Return on partition board door with law of depth anaglyph ability quarter have '''' of happiness of life of " blessing salary, " Fu Yunshuang carry of blessing of complete " , " is evergreen salary of blessing of sea " of Fu Shanshou of " , " , " is lifetime " . The vertical stroke before the gate has double fight mast, because of Qing Guangxu 13 years (1887) should fizzle out curtilage a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties in surnaming master home to 3 people are taken an examination of and stand. There is small view of the garden in garden west, there is one trunk of a tree in garden 200 old ancient Huang Juelan, ginseng of one individual plant cultivates the Guzong that makes an appointment with 10 meters high with one individual plant to cultivate addition photograph to hold in the arms into Gu Rong, tree root is linked together, in dark contain " (palm) commonplace (banyan) the meaning of path " . Manorial all around the nanmu that before having nearly 100 mus 300 years, cultivates forest, have meantime of perch of nearly 10 thousand egret all the year round, for manorial one big landscape. Evening beautiful hill civilian house is our country saves the wholest ancient time at present civilian house is built group one of, folk of China of " of fossil of the building between the countryman in be known as " , " builds pithy " , to studying Chinese folk building history, folk art history. The society austral folklore Shi Hechuan history have extremely high value.
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