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10 thousand lis of the Yangtse River the first city

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Building a city to have 2100 old appropriate guest city is famous city of Chinese history culture, because Min river and gold are sanded the city zone of Jiang Zaiyi guest is confluent and grand grand east shed the sea, have 10 thousand lis of the Yangtse River of the first city say; Because teem with 5 grain fluid, element has China Jiudouzhi says. Whole town administer 1 area 9 counties, population 500 beyond, the area of a country's territory 13282 square kilometer. Whole 2003 town realizes GDP290 100 million, reside complete province the 4th.

The nature that appropriate guest abounds with its, humanitarian with industrial travel landscape, become the area that area travel resource abounds Chuannade most, attracting by tens of thousands the tourist heads for sightseeing to visit.

Appropriate guest has world-class travel resource 3 place: "Green is round-the-world 21 " the Zhu Hai austral Sichuan (2003) , "World geological park " promote Wen Shihai (2005) , congress of architect of the 20th international " contemporary China builds artistic creation to make award " sea of wine of 5 grain fluid (1999) ; Source of idle fund of national level travel 11 place: "City of Chinese first-class travel " , " famous city of Chinese history culture " appropriate guest (1986) , " unit of protection of national emphasis cultural relic " 僰 person hangs coffin (1988) , Shan Gumin resides evening beautiful (1997) , Zhen Wushan; Provincial scenery scenic spot area 5 place: Hill of lotus of county of a kind of jade, skin of the bamboo connects karst, screen Shan Laojun hill, promote county of guest of article 僰 Wang Shan, appropriate to jump over brook river; Provincial forest park 4 place: Hill of 7 stars hill, Na Xiyun stage, river brings district of emerald green screen Shi Chengshan of county of guest of green peak temple, appropriate; Alias of provincial history article presses down 2 place: River of Jiang An county installs Long Hua of county of hill of town, screen to press down.

The travel resource of whole town is abounded not only, culture and nature achieve opposite confluence, have the characteristic of link line position again. Be plain, the important travel strong point of department of union of change, another name for Yunnan Province, Guizhou and destination. The accessibility sex that appropriate guest travels is very good. Join becomes change inside appropriate freeway, sichuan saves the commercial airport of the 2nd enlightened Boeing, have water course of the Yangtse River, have join Kunming inside elder brother railroad. In recent years the coming year welcomes domestic and international visitor 250, 3 million person-time, travel income year grow 27% , have include 4 stars inside astral class hotel 21, have include international travel agent inside travel agent 27. Travel already made another of appropriate guest new economy point of growth.
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