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Zhen Wushan Gu Miaoqun

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Zhen Wushan is located in horn of north of Shanxi of emerald green screen of the city zone, cover an area of an area to make an appointment with more than mus 50, altitude 369 meters, because of Zhen Wushan Gu Miaoyu is built group and get a name, luxuriantly green of the forest on hill, the four seasons constant green. South true fierce Shan Weichuan famous Taoism bethel, hall of the article prosperous temple that builds Yu Mingqing, prince palace, boundless, look at the river building, Xuan Zudian, Gong Hexuan that fight Mu the cloister such as hall of Wu Dian, the founder of a school of learning has in cent close, strewn at random have send, its are built group belong to countrywide key cultural relic to protect an unit. The burning incense inside the temple is exuberant, believer is numerous.

Information gas station
Traffic: Multichannel bus can arrive true fierce foot of a hill, next the hill on car of change travel sightseeing or pedestrian go up hill
Accommodation: Mountain villa of emerald green screen, also can lodge the city zone each guesthouse
Advisory phone: 0831-5721902

Sweet clew:

8 cropland give birth to voice garden

Phone: 0831-2479555 2479666

Address: Field of Zhao of area of emerald green screen is pressed down

Wine shop of Bai Dashan meditate on the past

Phone: 0831-3580788 3580799

Address: Area of scene of hill of white tower of area of emerald green screen

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