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The Zhu Hai austral Sichuan

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Just came back from appropriate guest yesterday, sit intercity bus, but not be very tired.

Have 3 people this with what I travel together, sensory accurate, the person is too much, the opinion cannot be united completely, encounter a few troubles so.

On May 1 the train in the evening, morrow 5: The 45 appropriate guest west stations that reach. Fair car is built to reach appropriate guest south bank after giving a station station. Waited a long time to also did not see fair car as a result, hit finally go. Sensory driver took us to circle very far.

The car waits in the platform when, discovery has a smelly drain before the platform, I am dizzy! Be in nearby, the taxi driver brushs a car in roadside, dirty current must be everywhere. I dizzy!

Reached the south bank of appropriate guest station the accused knows to did not go the bus of scene area, a county that we are forced to take a car there -- lasting peace, next we had some of sodden thing in that, it is good to ate ability to discover dirty. Hit again next again went the summit, when two friends reach destination later, spat.

Find abode to went out to play. The place that live is cheaper still, it is not quite convenient only.

The first tourist attraction that we see is fairy lake, lake range is not very broad, but lake light green is gotten very comfortable, bamboo is all around, very beautiful. We delimit in that bamboo raft, very glad.

Later, arrive on foot next tourist attraction. On the path that takes between Zhu Lin, sensory Ba Kuo (good) . Arrived scene is infinite, can look very far. It is cliff at the same time, it is cliff at the same time, very inapproachable. Hear here is the boundary of Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, but, be like distinction of it doesn't matter.

Going forth again is Tian Baozhai, have the biggest on the world lie Buddha. Narrative of a lot of people was engraved on rock wall, should successor engrave goes. The assemble that humanitarian landscape and natural landscape should be here.

Other also it doesn't matter. Go namely forest canal when the feeling is very good. In immense forest the following day, rained, but the mood that a bit did not affect me. When liking to rain.

The Li Zhuang that arrives afternoon the following day. Li Zhuang is the Yangtse River the first ancient town. Hold out good sense, can go along Jiang Bian. The regret did not see setting sun of the Yangtse River. I regretted.

Go everywhere, feeling of it doesn't matter. Not be to like humanitarian landscape very much. But when walking along matting alley, have kind of familiar feeling, do not have cause. Sunshine falls from the have diarrhoea between eaves, asperse in green flagging to go up. The building by the path, olden timberwork room, return promising " the woman does not give a door " door plank. Have massiness and the flavour of the history that peaceful person chokes.

Say, there is Zhou Zhuang east, there is Li Zhuang on the west. Zhou Zhuang, her old already was eroded by modern culture. And Li Zhuang, also be such.
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