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Emerald green lubricious Zhu Hai

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Autumn answer Sichuan, meeting the eye all is Cang Shanbi water, wet air kiss is worn face, the long-unseen memory end Gou Qixin... in daily dream, always see color of a bamboo is blue, rise and fall lightly, if overflow Shan Botao, be like the woman of urgent dance again, the garment sleeves break up fly a long towel emerald green sleeve... care so in the heart, go at this point oneiromancy: Make an appointment with one female friend, what go to 10 thousand lis pressing down by way of appropriate guest change is medium cling to, the Zhu Hai austral Xiangshu runs quickly.

The car crosses 3 rivers to collect heal up (Jin Shajiang changes after this and Min river converge weigh the Yangtse River, reason appropriate guest renown 10 thousand lis of the Yangtse River the first city) toward east row, water of the river outside seeing a window is surging, plaint the person that die if this. Then turns south, what accompany us all the way is elegant 淯 river, yi of green Shui Wei, nan bamboo is green, depend on the shadow of rare part Zhu Hai. Road pleasant to the ear says to raining inside scene area, do not become aware part is anxious, after a hour, enter the most pleasant stage gradually, of Zhu Hai on the west gate appear vividly at the moment. The introduction just knows scene area undulating hills is not be like,make the same score the sea, 10 thousand lis of towns are located in altitude, go even more than 30 lis dish of hill road. The car follows road winding and on, to half way up the mountain " the building that watch the sea " place, rest at the beginning of the brash, get off at this point, begin to visit.

Along " emerald a covered corridor or walk " pedestrian before row, the road below the foot is spread by stone of natural red sand, color is like Ming Xia like wetting red, Can; Bamboo of both sides Nan is concentrated, batter arch closes, be like green screen. 10 thousand pole repair bamboo, after the rain of this autumn, smooth add a few minutes cheesy much more trifling and exquisite... arrange a covered corridor or walk and go, after breathing rain to the top of one's bent forest the air between, wet and pure and fresh.

A hour of distance, to " Hai Zhonghai " , this is scene area hill those who go up is artificial and laky, surface is open, of peremptory and boundless and indistinct Zhu Haizhong " lake " , get a name so. Stand in lakefront overlook, green banboos dancing, green jade water is like lens, far isle is lake face cent two half, zhu Lin of outspread Xiang Cangmang... dot of balsa of the bamboo in the lake, come-and-go moves back and forth, it is the tourist is in contend for play. If summer swings a boat, accompany green bamboo to mirror, total need of sure intense heat of summer, cool and infinite. Regrettablly duration Qing Qiu, always become aware to Yu Zhufa stands after rain over, rather too super-cooling lonely, watch then and go. Be informed here to be the next day " lie Hu Canglong " ground of Zhu Lin exterior, after-thought its peaceful is deep and remote far, as expected elegant in implicit a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of all corners of the country is angry.
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