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Sichuan travel notes

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Sichuan travel notes (9.17) , appropriate guest arrives first

Set out at 10 o'clock in the morning go to the airport, beyond the leader that as a result discovery heads a group besides two, the boy that altogether donates blood 4 times only goes, among them one takes airport bus to be headed for by oneself, because the result blocked car nearly up to delay deal with board the plane formalities. Do not cross us or stopping to deal with boarded the plane 5 minutes before formalities to take boarding check smoothly. The another brother that when installing check too, travels together held a fruit knife in the satchel that carries unexpectedly, do not have method to be returned so that wait for his check, when we are waiting aside, discovery had two passengers to still take bottle red wine, they are helpless under be forced two people did wine by turns, with a ha breath out ^0^

The plane plans 12;30 to take off, I because before sleep late rise early, because this boarded a plane,sleep. But in hazy in sensory plane seems to just took off at 13 o'clock. I what hunger strands again am sent by empty elder sister the sound that Xue Bi bottle opens when beverage is noisy woke, next I am rapid dry lunch, the person of the same trade's person gave me their biscuit mug-up, I am holding one pile snack in the arms to continue to sleep.

Beijing, the range of 1680 kilometers flew to Chengdu 2 hours 20 minutes. Issued a plane to feel Chengdu is a little fuggy, wear long sleeve to be heated up a bit. The personnel that local company is in charge of recieving us receives us get on a car, drive to tell us straight now guest going straight towards appropriate later, the original guidance that head a group says dizzy ~~ to be in today of Chengdu pass the night, the netizen of area of constellation edition Chengdu still organizes a party for me designedly, but local company has arranged the route, an An Zhi that can come already only. But under short message edition advocate cannot go to an appointment. The report of the mobile phone is not much before going, I plan to charge to wheeler of Chengdu occupy hotel, but want to go now appropriate guest, the mobile phone is forced to be born carried...

Chengdu goes into big essentials of change high speed to appropriate guest 3 hours, can get on a car to continue to sleep only. I still saw the environment all round, cloudy day, fuggy, building and Chongqing Guiyang the style there is about the same.5:30 the left and right sides is in rest and reorganization of a gas station, the map plan that I bought Sichuan and appropriate guest according to the habit is available study.

The left and right sides reached appropriate guest city at 7 o'clock, local leader is our give a dinner for a visitor from afar in cafe of 3 rivers garden. To take care of us, they enjoin serving not to want designedly very hot (considerate ah on ~~) banquet, the manager introduced appropriate guest a few probably circumstance, for instance, the Yangtse River begins to call the Yangtse River in appropriate guest, call Jin Shajiang before it, does population have 5.15 million to control (with Nanjing about the same? ) , economic actual strength is in in Sichuan province platoon Chengdu, continous is in relief (long rainbow) , de Yang (town enterprise) later row the 4th. It is traffic thoroughfare, the airliner can fly to Beijing, shanghai, yunnan, guangzhou, shenzhen (still be inferior to at the outset here) , canalage can arrive directly at Shanghai, highway railway develops. Because the position is significant and development potential is tremendous, sichuan takes appropriate guest seriously very, the plan should let appropriate guest exceed before Yue Deyang is entered 3. The special local product of appropriate guest is 5 grain fluid, 75% what profit tax takes place, if hit a sneeze,local says 5 grain juice, appropriate guest person must catch a cold, be about to drink 5 grain fluid more to do not catch a cold so, dizzy, so urge sb to drink. - _- ... Sichuan person enthusiasm is hospitable, had pity on my stomach...
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