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The Zhu Hai of a person

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Afternoon at 3 o'clock, now is the Zhu Hai that has my person only.

Only the bamboo balsa of a person goes in Hai Zhonghai.

The Zhu Haiyi austral the Sichuan of appropriate guest resembles the dream of a green stopping in my world continuously. This is the green surface of an expanse in sea of 10 thousand lis of bamboo, what the raft of a bamboo that I hire sides with the sea is mid delimiting. This moment is not travel busy season, come without the person almost, before be being added two days rain heavily, lasting peace was destroyed by water to Zhu Haizhen's road, so these two days of travel agent did not form a delegation, I hired an autocycle Cong Changning along 淯 Jiang Xiangna racing half many hour just comes to this a haven of peace.

Surface begins narrow, I delimit entered " thalassic " . Sunshine was held off by the Zhu Lin of the bank, water verdure, but very clear, mirrorring green Zhu Ying, wear in temptation I. I jump in water, jump into my dream.

Does the world of this green have my person only really? Besides me, still have twitter and bug reputation only. Some bamboo Xie Chen is in water, let water have a kind of pleasant faint scent, when resembling the lawn that just had trimmed in the morning a bit, smell the sort of. This kind of faint scent lets me remember be in before 5 days eyebrow hill 3 revive ancestral temple drinks the scene of tea to come. That tea building cries " Jing Sulou " , very few somebody knows to be in 3 revive there are a such 2 badges to send Xiaolou unexpectedly in ancestral temple, the Lian Lang that takes hollow out to spend a window is mixed round it an arch over a gateway that has move and sunk panel of picture of royal seal color comprises court together, there still is a water before the building, planting pink lotus, still raising foolish duck. Little bridge of a green flag floats on water, silent Chi Shui comes from a brook after Zhu Lin. All all these are being lapped by close Zhu Lin, the resting that can see Xiaolou only outside Zhu Lin the summit. Remember just going up tea when rained, I as a child the building comes out, on the bamboo chair that takes to corridor, listen to thunder and pitter-patter. Listening, wanting to have money in the future, also want place a such courtyard. The Xia Yu here resembles rain during springtime a bit, not be particularly big, also be nevertheless. When falling, resembling is film in that way, irrigating, when falling, there also is thick fog in air. The Cape jasmine flower of the white in the courtyard resembles is a little sweet smell, a few grapefruit are writtening guarantee huge green gains, drop branch is curvedly to bend. Su Dongpo is like firm as a child the building comes out, xiang Shuizhong's duck glanced sideways a few times, laugh to me next, I awoke from inside the fond dream of landlord moneybags.

Remembered going one day in Zhu Hai yesterday, because go hot, issue cleanse in the chute of cereal forgetting worry, remember over there cry 3 fold a spring. Water is very big really, very cool also, chute descends from the day on a gules big stone, stone is the common red sandstone austral Sichuan. I am above stone lying, at one's convenience is being eroded by chute, forgot to seem what. Gu Li forgetting worry is not to know anxious flavor really, most day, still have my person only, besides clang clang underwater acoustic, whats do not listen; Admire a day and look, there is the gules and telpher course of sightseeing in sky, go up without however somebody. Still remembered me seeing a gules swimming fish in 5 edges of Mo Xi that fold a spring, I very a certain person in believing firmly it is Liao Zhai goes, because I do not know the pool watching a fish that where is or view fish booth,had seen it, and the fish that it has the capacity so is to answer to appear in Mo Xi anything but. Remember seeming to have half day time I alone the pace is in the Mo Xi of a person, often admire on invitation minutely insect concert, now and then also friendship gues-stars a fish people " strong and handsome match " . I appear very be happy such alone the pace is in the Mo Xi of a person, alone the pace is in the country of such sounds of nature.
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