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Travel notes of appropriate Bin Longhua

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Yesterday evening as expected a cloudburst, listen to those who quiver so that I have some of heart Jing courage. After morning rises, approach river limit continuously. Very big one river water, the small Long Xi of tender graceful and restrained changes former days about, grand grand Shang Shang, extensive is worn before the onrush billow with yellow mud and below, a block of stone used as a seat that crosses the bridge disappears already, water overflowed wayside stone rank on, whole river is 3 times wider than yesterday more than.

Today is the traditional Chinese calendar first 7, of Feng Longhua drive a day. But the rain that did not stop up to now adds the river water that soare, this estimation won't be very lively today. But I still in spirits ground wore a raincoat, go out gad. When going, master home busy move makes maize cake, preparation is present go up sell.

On field as expected the person is not much. I turn present on, bought a jin of plum and a few apples, rambled to new garrison post again circuit, prepare to look for that girl that sells cool cake to chat to cool bridge next, take a place incidentally delicious. Who knows, the cool bridge that drives a day already made a lively and extraordinary room, those who sell the clothes, sell bean jelly cool range, those who mend shoes is already so crowded that those who mend shoes should become completely, did not see that girl alone alone.

Also have do not be afraid of those who get wet in the rain, one small stool is put aside in river side, wore bamboo hat, containing smoke to sitting silently, place a pair of posture that defends lever to need a fish.

Look up see hill of nearby the Eight Immortals in the legend, misty rain is drizzly, cloud and mist winds around, do not have lasting appeal one time. Regrettablly rain is honest too big, go up to the thought of hill also can shine only and pass.

Old street appears right now person energy of life is exuberant, ferial in fall for nothing sit at the moment in falling cafes full person, of smoking, of card games, chat, very lively. Crops Chinese people this weather is cursed rudely in the mouth, at a loose end is done not have however in the hand, delimit delimit the ground is wiping a card, also be Shu Huoshu to be alive all the time the bones and muscles that farming Wu takes care.

At most sell leaf cigarette on old street. Wide after wide tobacco leaf insolation, shipshape bind a bunch small a bunch small, bear old market, put below the other people's eave so. The most that sells cigarette is a man, they are holding lever of a smoke normally, what burn in cigarette holder is this tobacco leaf that oneself plants, also be advertisement. Those who ask price, the hand twists tobacco leaf looks, taking bunch of tobacco leaf smell, the old street in rain is waving everywhere this kind of new tobacco leaf ingredient. Be opposite this, I am can divide those who give some of good bad to come very much. Original grandmother is smoked, most remember be being bitten by mosquito in one's childhood, have one big a knot in one's heart, want to cry continuously. Grandmother can twist from cigarette holder a few cigarette ash come out, wipe the place that is being bitten, of and so on of effect comparing toilet water a lot of. It is grandmother already died only old, although I already can can afford best leaf smoke now, but also can pat my head boast without the person again however I have filial piety heart.
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