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In June the hill of emerald green screen of end

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Before Tianjin friend incoming telegram, ask over. Answer: Sichuan appropriate guest. Ask again, does hill of emerald green screen swim deny? Answer: Still do not have, daily pass according to the foot of a hill and return. Hang machine hind, resolved, ascend hill of emerald green screen on the weekend.
Had eaten breakfast, friend of place of sit back and wait, long await do not come, set out alone then. Appropriate guest city this not quite, go out left abduct right-hand rotation is in hill horn. Weather was not last year however long wet drizzle grows in memorial bottom, scorching sun crossed state of white drizzly Sichuan in June mirage is illuminated on the body, it is hot and dry as before, did not take a step, sweat is spruce already silence drips full the whole body. Calculate will a few years did not climb, now and should recollect young when the flavor with muscle acerbity painful bone.
Cross rail, along wide wide stone rank slow pace up. On hill in succession somebody comes down, brush a shoulder and pass, all of young person of old person child has, treat condition, unlike sightseeing, be practice of around dweller morning likely. The left and right sides is wait-and-see, in flat of half way up the mountain, putting switchback, the sea " fall " boat, dodgems, heart one happy, hey! Build in Eden of hill upper reaches to return do not see more really.
Hill of emerald green screen is open freely to the public, be like appropriate guest urban district, maintain weller neat, inside photograph comparing city bright will reject toward, signs of human habitation is little however a lot of. Also did not see hill doorway map, stroll and go, know to there is a which Zha make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital in hill only, see over there the person is much, it is accordingly. Mountain line right, have building of style of one ancient time, tourist has the have a rest below big Shu Luyin of its ahead court more. In court, establish statue of one tall woman, on collect fine view, cornerstone submit a written statement to a higher authority " Zhao Yiman " , just know to build the memorial hall that sets for the famous heroine that fight day namely ever since. When elementary school, hear crosses its heroism achievement, just just know to be Sichuan go-between now, yi Keru of original Sichuan woman this is gallant definitely absolutely.
Look up ahead is 3 people collateral and abrupt Shi Dao, going up is famous 1000 Buddha temple. Come here I already felt the leg shakes, trot all the way 100 Mishi rank more become aware demanding. Ground of dripping wet of breathless, kubla khah sees thin and small in temple doorway child child is light deft artful one pace one step, be ashamed secretly. Enter right-hand rotation of the door that get a temple, on 3 cliff in the middle of Buddha of each upright suppository division, majestic Shi Jia, laugh at a cover collect, one honour honour small Buddha is orderly ground serve at by, xiao Buddha honour has gold lacquer to wrap a body, more neck departments have a red tape, presumably temple name, the top comes from this. The Confucianist is told benevolence, buddha is compassionate all living creatures. Do not believe huge rock of Nie of preexistence of a future life, metempsychosis, but put the palms together of double still hand, serious ground brings up a ceremony. An old believer is placing a square table to be in advocate there is sycee piously on the right side of hall doorway, it is dark fund type only what fold with the grandma in the home quite is not general. Audience hall wood is placing bamboo slip of one round divination on door column, the ground has 3 lotus cushion, believer can peep good fortune of this life misfortune before solemn mode resembles Budda mercy. On the right side of the oil lamp on early somebody dot, new Year has burn a head to say spicily, do not know invocatory lamp can have this view. Beg child, seek predestined relationship, yi Keqi blessing adds essence of birthday, school work to enter, wish of all living creatures is written in red a brief informal note to be pressed below oil lamp of long square table. I nodded, ah! Do not know Tathagata of brimless of the supernatural power inside the hall to be able to be denied satisfy my this cherished desire.
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