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Explore of appropriate guest ancient town is deep and remote (2)

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In the town a lot of bright, the ancient building of quiet period style, and save more in good condition. This may cause the cause that media pays close attention to again and again namely, also be the matter that Li Zhuang name culture famous city. But also have another kind of picture, that often presses down the alley of a few streets that facing new developed area, civilian house namely, because of extend new market already was torn open to change, the court that roadside splits the former residence that collapse not less to leave wall incomplete wall only or hind field, barren brushwood is unripe, extremely dilapidated. The old building from experting brick of a few cyan and it is accessary the garden of the move, can see some of Lu Xun the wording and purpose of what one writes about " 3 flavour bookstore " and " 100 careless garden " , shadow.

Give lane to be close to of edge of the Yangtse River new street, one rebuilds the antediluvian pavilion that adds new extend is faced awesomely river, have imposing manner very much. Still have downstairs everywhere sanded Shi Jiancai, make clear have not complete high labour. Ancient floor does not have a label, spot worker is having a holiday again, do not know this building He Ming temporarily. Concerned book document was not brought when coming, also did not think of to begin to develop travel resource, the Li Zhuang with good prospect can be done not have unexpectedly " the tourist guide pursues " things of and so on sells. Made an on-the-spot investigation round the building, still do not get its name. Look from air dimensions, this building should have a not common name ability is proportional. Thinking over, somebody from downstair course, before we go up, ask: "Excuse me, is what this repairs what building? " what be asked is a man of 30 years old of fluctuation, do not seem the outside person like us, incompact go slow head on, see we ask, expression looks up seriously saw pavilion moment, the answer says: "Ah, had not named! " reply tone is moderate, there is vacillate between expression, not be the pattern that the sort of knowing that also do not want to say. Nevertheless, we still were setting to take a picture over with the building, come here in order to show to swim. To make clear building name, we are in place of street heart garden, scrutiny the sketch map that Li Zhuang presses down completely, although the label of the graph is rough, also can numerate probably. The azimuth of corresponding graphic representation, knew antediluvian pavilion is very famous gas " Kui star building " . The times that boat division come-and-go gives priority to, old " Kui star building " the mark that is Li Zhuang town, passenger from arrive by ship downstream appropriate guest, when the ancient building that sees this lofty, know appropriate guest city was gotten on for.

Along " Kui star building " below build bank Jiang Lu, we come " 9 palace 18 temple " one of " Hui Guangsi " . Temple before north of the Southern Dynasties, door very open, lying between wide wide bank Jiang Lu, it is the Yangtse River, dock also is in around. Temple and temple door structure are very whole, looking to the stage of audience hall and two side wing-room nap before long. Although the statue inside the hall also is new model, but bearing, bearing all not common, have charm power very much, reckon impossible out is general the hand of art artisan. Clean very neatly inside temple, buddhist monks and nuns is not much, burning incense is filled however, encounter tourist kowtows do obeisance to along with happy event, sound of the chime stone when the oil on ballot rises namely, euphonic and rising and falling, in echo of the for a long time inside temple.
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