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The Zhu Hai austral the Sichuan of travel travel notes

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Think all the time, bamboo is the member that demeanor of modest self-disciplined gentleman has most in all plants, cheesy and decorous, elegant and forceful. Provide praise highly of place of Chinese classic bookman quite " elegant is high-minded, give dirt to be not caught " gentleman strength of character.

The person stays in city long, what always have a few Babbitt is Philistine, breathing the air in the city to also feel some are cloudy. Dull when, always think outskirts go for a walk in the country in spring lift. Now and then mentioning this is, those who get father and mother do one's utmost approve of. Parental course of study already was the person that has stridden middleaged doorsill to go up to old age, also cherish god-given leisure time all the more. Then, in July high above in the sky of filariasis scorching sun when, we came 3 times plain medium summer resort -- Na Zhuhai of Sichuan of long mountain range.

Zhu Hai is entered first namely peaceful of easy of body and mind, although be midsummer, what the air here is taking a gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind however is cool and refreshing. The green of eyeful is clinking cheerful gratifying vision, winding and forward roadside, the bamboo with tall small on any account gently dancing is worn, swaying, carefree and comfortable, look so that envy in my heart: Good like an immortal place.

Day, here all the more Gao Yuan; Person, appear very insignificant here. In the great waves that a tortuous path is getting the person of amuse oneself to enter Zhu Hai along the outline of hill, remember the cent drip in myth, where just seek so green water?

Name of bamboo sea highway says " emerald a covered corridor or walk " , be worthy of the name. Both sides gives a covered corridor or walk high the shady and cool that projectile private parts sticks into the bamboo of high in the clouds, greedy breath is worn this is relaxed the air that bringing Zhu Xiang, sensory eduction cloudy, inspiratory light spirit, the person has bit of signs or feeling of getting drunk, wave a bit wave desire celestial being. Duration midday, in this burning hot I did not blame proud burning sun for the first time in July, be become by long and narrow bamboo leaf cut the place of sunshine spot spot of one continuously is cast, illuminate on the body to also be decreased unexpectedly destroyed the thorn of that bright person is ironed, only the warmth with downy remnant. A few to have now and then silk is fine fine wind is sent from you, by the face, the aperture of control is crossed, leap is beside, ignore before ignore hind, ascertain adventitious, what bring generosity only is cool and refreshing.

The Qing Quan in hill tinkles noisy to wear in vacant hush, knock is worn or urgent or the note of delay, far listen will resemble chuckle, approached to listen to be like chant again. Spring is icy, transparent some are lightsome, ju is in control, transmit silky qualitative feeling through the skin, resemble dancing demon.
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