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Explore of appropriate guest ancient town is deep and remote (one)

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Taking the advantage of holiday spare time, we are visited swam the ancient town Li Zhuang on edge of the Yangtse River.

Li Zhuang is famous historical culture famous city, have the ancient street ancient alley that saves in good condition Gu Min to reside building and characteristic of bright Qing Dynasty, and " 9 palace 18 temple " the rich and generous humanitarian landscape such as Gu Miaoyu. In the War of Resistance Against Japan, shanghai of famous institution of higher learning is the same as a few advanced learning orgnaizations of aid university and home ever inside here, had avoided chaos caused by war of several years. Global famous learned man if, fu Si year, a lot of people such as Liang Saiyong, Liang Saicheng, Dong Zunbin, Xia Nai, spend here so do not calculate time of short war of resistance against aggression. In recent years many media pay close attention to here again and again, saw the to Li Zhuang introduction in the TV program just about, we just decide plum Zhuang Zunxin swims step visit.

The car is arranged along the highway of edge of south bank of the Yangtse River river and row, after the big bridge that the way builds, right travel is folded entered shallow upland the highway between. The car leaves Jiang Bian, the scenery outside car window also resembles the switch in movie and TV subsequently scene is same, be the billow the Yangtse River that a moment ago saw no longer east running water, became the rurality of picturesque scenery. Although be the season when deep winter, plain the open country south still is green everywhere, the wheat seeding in the ground shiny green, on most tree, still also be Xie Luzhi numerous. What have lasting appeal most is one bay the wintry paddy field of one bay, below the tent that the sun was not about to give, water light billows, enter poetic suitable for a painting. Look from inside car window, on winding ridge of field, have from time to time wear red green person is walking, or jump or jump, be like skip to be like dance, it is beautiful very.

Car asymptotic Li Zhuang, ballroom having a song, go vacationing village and so on is recreational the place appears in highway both sides. Famous provincial protection cultural relic " hall of snail coming back " outside also be being pressed down, car from by have enclosure general rock and ancient building through seeing whole round, the area of emerald green screen in planning to prepare to construct " Tian Jingshan " park allegedly with " hall of snail coming back " for central scene area. Already was in the morning right now 10 when over- , there already were many multitudes on highway, "Hall of snail coming back " garden door however lock, also disappear tourist kowtows visit, wanting is not open, before we are forced to continue, go.

Over- " hall of snail coming back " highway Zun She is northerly, the car sails a be suddenly enlightened of the eye shot between hill, destination Li Zhuang arrived. The car reachs town limit, we get off enter a town on foot, began ancient to Li Zhuang town step visit. Li Zhuang, had come twice before, but it is to take a car from the town outside transient did not get off; Left a car, allow person enthusiasm for company from beginning to end again however, although ever lingered half days here, still to Li Zhuang this culture ancient town does not have what to understand. We come this be determined does not look for guide, also do not sit street everywhere some manpower tricycle, stroll with interest only roam, enter the include that Li Zhuang presses down bolt completely first in the head, again one by one is digested. This is the old way that wants newly to understand it quickly again to one ground before, as long as time is enough, return the effect it seems that pretty good.
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