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The brigade of sea of emerald green Nazhu of Sichuan of marine ─ ─

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Friend, do you have been to the sea? Do you know the color of the sea? Perhaps you can feel to raise such question is how funny. This is the problem that a women and children all knows is not a problem, people can happen to coincide ground answer sea is blue. Nevertheless, I am OK ground of one is assured and bold with justice tells you, friend you are wrong. What I should tell you today is story of deep-sea of a green. This also does not calculate going up is a story, just be the scenery that leads a wandering life together stopped. The churchyard of city of guest of appropriate of city of the first haven that the Zhu Hai austral Sichuan is located in upper reaches of Sichuan south the Yangtse River, with Guizhou Province border on. The Zhu Hai austral Sichuan is cave of landscape of our country only part the oldest primitive organisms' habits that laky chute famous places and historical sites is an organic whole Zhu Linlin area. Bamboo sea area amounts to 120 square kilometer, it is national level scenery scenic spot area, can compare the United States with hill of delicate eyebrows black town, by people praise for " the world of Sichuan Na Zhuhai is emerald green " , nevertheless, true still have a well-deserved reputation.

This year summer vacation, I regard go on a journey of pedagogic family member as Zhu Hai. As a result of long drought not rain, climate is very burning hot. We in the sky take 調bus, say josh laugh eats all the way eat and drink drink via the appropriate inside Cheng Miancheng change a few hours come to the freeway to Sichuan Na Zhuhai. Get off, of the 緑 eyeful of 滿 hill emerald green, it is the ocean of the world bamboo of bamboo everywhere, good the space that sends green. Face of stroke of a cool breeze and come, the green that achieve of all over the mountains and plains removed rustle is symphonic chapter. The be worried in the exhausted work with one's mind or brains of journey is cast in beyond the highest heavens completely. The bamboo here has about a hundred variety: Forceful and vigrous bamboo, the at present bamboo that have a sharp sense of integrity, the mottled bamboo of tearful eyes dancing, the person face bamboo of fat head big on both sides, potbellied arhat bamboo, the musical instrument traditional stringed and woodwind instrument that filar silk photograph buckles... the different elegant demeanour that they are revealing themselves with respective attitude, stay to tourist hard the impression of dismiss from one's mind. In the evening, we live in the Zhu Haishan village below green banboos encircle. Here, those who live is small bamboo building, those who sleep is small bamboo bed, those who sit is small bamboo stool, what eat repeatedly also is Quan Zhuyan. Here is the world of bamboo really. Let a person look at greedy Quan Zhuyan, soup of what bamboo Sun ah hot bamboo shoot ah saute dried slices of tender bamboo shoots ah bamboo slip cooked rice ah... that is have everything that one expects to find. Be in the world of this bamboo, full is the good luck of seeing sth rare, those who enjoy is the luck to eat sth delicious.
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