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Grow the ancient town of river bank edge- - Li Zhuang

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The ancient town of bank of the Yangtse River -- Li Zhuang

51 during, I go with a flock of friends south Sichuan hot spring of Zhu Hai, big gorge travels. On the road that come back, the friend suggests suddenly to go ancient town Li Zhuang looks, it is indistinct only before me had heard of this name.
After coming out from the freeway, we entered highway of level of a paragraph of country, because be in punish road surface, current be restricted, fortunately an enthusiastic local acts as a guide to us, just make us successful arrive at Li Zhuang.
This is ancient town of a special distinctive, had had 600 old histories. Be being mixed during war of resistance against aggression allegedly is the culture center of rear area like Chongqing, ceng Qian reachs the unit such as university of the university that be the same as aid, hill of central academy, gold here. The building here still is holding original view, the siheyun of green cover with tiles, the flagging that leaving years mark...
Li Zhuang has a lot of famous places and historical sites, site of the temple of heart of Kui star cabinet, Buddha, university that be the same as aid, and the famousest is that long " matting alley " , go above, as if come to Dai Wangshu the wording and purpose of what one writes " pluvial alley " , long and long. Green flagging is uneven, down before looking, go, pour regurgitate to that time just like days. Matting alley is very narrow, the people that lives over often takes matting bask in, off-street width just is mixed matting is same, get a name from now on " matting alley " .
Of Li Zhuang fastfood have distinguishing feature very much, "Li Zhuang plain boiled pork " it is a special skill, plain boiled pork of a bigger than the palm mashed garlic makes a person commend, the kitchen knife in seeing cook hand only breaks up fly, thin and even cutlet appears in us at the moment, eat Li Zhuang plain boiled pork to want to use a chopstick to furl cutlet, flavour is first-rate. What to still have " big 3 white, small 3 white " , mashed garlic earthnut, have local local color very much.
Small cafes business of Li Zhuang is very good, the old person of in twos and threes is surrounded sit together, sampling 5 horn money a bowl tea, talking about those news that had not known days, the face that covers furrow shows childish laugh, their lifetime blends in year old of the middle of a month in ancient town already deeply.
Mount Kui star building, look at the Yangtse River to pass from crural indelicacy, the mood is very at ease. River wind is swayed go up in the body, answer a body to gaze at this quiet ancient town, appearing is insipid in that way, auspicious, once center of culture of war of resistance against aggression, small town of present of primitive simplicity, although do not have beautiful landscape, but long history, honest humanitarian culture still lets her in the Yangtse River Bian Yiyi flashs...
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