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僰 person hangs coffin

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"僰 person hangs coffin ” to be located in churchyard of county of a kind of jade, department basis " county annals of a kind of jade " “ a kind of jade this 僰 ground, 僰 person hangs coffin ” more and name. Be in early labelled provincial key cultural relic to protect an unit 1956, protect an unit for countrywide key cultural relic now. 僰 person hangs coffin to be called of the world most, Ba Shu a special skill. A kind of bury that the bury that hang coffin is archaic minority is made. County of a kind of jade, promote the border on austral Wen Yuyun, for hinterland of ancient southwest exterminate, chinese fierce emperor opens nocturnal man, 僰 path county is belonged to when buy Qian is county. Person of past dynasties 僰 waits for minority inhabit a region to be taken at this, what reason involuntary discharge of urine puts is dangerous coffin is much, but mix at most now most concentration is in, become the Su Ma bay of the hemp pond dam of a countryside of watch of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of the county that push a kind of jade and Cao battalion countryside. North and south of dam of pond of hemp of county of a kind of jade is long and narrow, thing two side strange peak is forceful, unplug nearly between high and steep grotto, a lot of coffin hang cliff partly, existent on cliff hang coffin many 160. Dam of the pond that be apart from hemp the Su Ma bay of Cao Ying countryside of 10 much kilometers, distributinging to hang coffin on abrupt lime rock wall 48. Hang coffin to be from ground majority 26 reach 50 meters, tall person amount to 100 meters. There are murals of a lot of gules coloured drawing or pattern on the precipice that hangs coffin, content is rich, line is straightforward, composition of a picture is succinct, image is clear. The historical value with hang coffin and cliff painter's paraphernalia to have fundamental and view and admire value, also be the objective stuff that minority history development takes south research plain. Already became the world to hang the center that coffin bury investigator fixes eyes on, attracting countless tourist at the same time. This scene area is full of old and mysterious colour. 僰 person hangs the grave of archaic cliff bury before bright generation of coffin     group, countrywide key cultural relic protects an unit. Basically center in hemp pond dam and Su Ma bay two ground. The feature is on cliff bluff with placing the dead's coffin. Store in all hang coffin 265, it is to look the amount is saved inside front door most, most centralized place. Buy coffin height, general distance is upper 10 meters of ~ 50 meters, highest person amount to 100 meters. Buy coffin means, it is stake type, certain on cliff namely aperture 2 ~ 3, wedge stake holds coffin in the palm with raising; 2 it is type of authentic acupuncture point, horizontal acupuncture point certains on the wall or set upright acupuncture point in cliff namely, put coffin in order to fill; 3 it is to use coffin of the natural burrow between rock wall, interstitial Cheng Fang. Coffin head large remaining part is small, it is whole wood more, with child the mother is buckled and the rabbet is secured. Use admire bury of body straight limb, flax wraps corpse, along with bury the foot that taste buy plays two side, amount adventitious, have articles made of bamboo of chinaware, wood, ironware and fabrics of flax, among them fabrics of flax is most, have a few silk. Of the bury that hang coffin a group of things with common features belong to, academia dispute is quite big, the person having 僰 that concentrates quite says, person of an associate in office says. Meantime is acting, upper limit is sealed, floor level is bright generation. The nuclear core that hemp pond dam hangs person of 僰 of county of a kind of jade of coffin     to hang coffin is divided. In the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of county of a kind of jade the watch presses down dam of southwest hemp pond. Dam thing is 300 meters wide ~ 500 meters, north and south is about 1000 meters long, crab brook is worn from inside dam flow and pass, brook bank thing is confronting each other 21 continuous fluctuant cliff, hang coffin to distributing today on bluff. Existent 223, hang coffin to give priority to with stake. Buy coffin height is in commonly 20 meters of ~ 60 meters, tall person amount to many meters 100. There still is the picket aperture that is like bee eye closely to offer as a gift on bluff mark and cliff of gules coloured drawing or pattern draw many 200. Cliff picture content is rich, have ride shoot, dancing, acrobatics and graph of all sorts of animals, weapon, geometry, figure of primitive simplicity is vivid. The others is dangerous coffin bury is vestigial also have similar cliff picture. Hemp pond dam hangs coffin to be centered in 9 cliff of bier shop, lion, lamps, big mouth of a cave relatively. The place such as umbrella of hole of Deng Jiayan, 3 celestial being, pearl and eagle cliff. Su Ma bay hangs coffin     to be in Heibei of village of Chinese flowering crabapple of Cao battalion countryside Home Deng bank. Jackknife of chain of mountains, build on have many ancient fort fortified mountain village, hang coffin to be located in the wall of rock of Su Ma bay that confronts each other to it namely. Existent hang coffin 42, among them 7 park are natural on burrow and cliff mound
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