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China Tibet temple

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China Tibet temple is located in street of Dong Chengwu temple of appropriate guest city 10, wine Ban inn east side is in 100 meters, it is the famous Buddhist temple austral Sichuan. China Tibet temple only then build at Qing Kangxi 24 years (1685) , by build of bonze of Zhi Yuan of Cao Dongzong famous dignitary, promote Zen culture. Build at that time one day wing-room of hall of Wang Dian, avalokitesvara, ground Tibet hall, apothecary hall, big Xiong Baodian, thing more than 100. The repair that acting abbot experiences after is perfected and become the famous Zen great austral Sichuan propagandist field. During the Great Cultural Revolution, pound and fane is destroyed badly, the country placed in a certain position building of the much inside the temple about the branch dweller, resident.

Thereafter, in November 1996 classics government approval restores to be Buddhist activity place. Hold the post of abbot ancestor afore of bright rabbi, rabbi performing continuous heavy rain chair below, the support that is indebted to various government, harmonious, the your kind effort of the numerous lay Buddhist that protect a law gives aid to below, extensive market fund, former resident resident 3 1 door removes. Endeavor to safeguard again, guarantee, resumed a day basically already now the monk room such as hall of hall of Wang Dian, big Xiong Baodian, avalokitesvara, 5 view, tea garden more than 10.

Fane every months (the traditional Chinese calendar) first one, 15, the way that day of birthday of Bodhisattva of Sunday, Buddha holds blessing of calamity of sermon, disappear, pray, release souls from purgatory is met activity. Still provide the service such as banquet of fast of banquet of card of souvenir, chess, element external. The China Tibet temple of nowadays is the place of contemporary and Buddhist activity that market religion, recreation, travel is an organic whole.

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