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Skin of the bamboo connects karst

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Skin of the bamboo connects karst provincial scenery scenic spot area. Be located in skin of the bamboo to connect prefectural churchyard. Scene area area 130 square kilometer.

Karst peak cluster basically distributings to be taken in department of ancient floor dam, make one's rounds, the area makes an appointment with kilometer of 50 much square. Upper reaches of river of department of make one's rounds has a peak from, the landscape such as peak forest, valley, peak cluster is low, channel cereal is deep-felt submit " V" word model. The You Youfeng in river of department of make one's rounds from, the landscape such as peak forest, flat, peak cluster is tall tens of rice go to hundreds meters, flat scale is larger, flat of ancient floor dam makes an appointment with 4 square kilometer, be plain one of a sector of an area with most typical development of flat of Na Rong corrode. Southwest of ancient floor dam has hole of case hole, an affectionate couple.

Celestial being hole is in Teng Da countryside. Chan of Chan of running water of all the year round, abundant water period, the hole has stream namely very, decline in hole day form water shade. Hot spring of well of wash one's hair is located in river of department of make one's rounds of dam of five-leafed chaste tree of department of make one's rounds on the west bank, be apart from 12 kilometers of county. Hot spring is to emerge water state spills over, water is warm 56OC of 52 ℃ ~ , sunrise water measures 3456 stere. Spring is sodium chloride model, it is Sichuan water shows inside the basin lukewarm the hot spring with highest, the largest flow.

Intermittent wave spring is in channel of Chen Jia of sea source countryside. For subterranean river, because the siphon action of karst hole path happens,emerge wet phenomenon and get a name. Case hole is 25 meters tall, 185 meters long, more than meters 10 wide, the anhydrous inside the hole flows, the landscape in the hole is saved in good condition. Hole of an affectionate couple is proximate case hole, 125 meters submit bag shape form greatly, development value is had extremely inside the hole.

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