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Countryside of stone sea hole

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Beauty spot of countryside of stone sea hole is located in Sichuan south to promote article county, pervade because of this county stone forest, cave 17 countryside, reason has ” of countryside of hole of “ stone sea praise. Scene area east the city that receive Lu, appropriate guest is told on the west, the tourist is general but sea of Jiang Shuna bamboo and continuous cropping of countryside of stone sea hole a whole, two ground have highway to be interlinked, car Cheng only a hour.

Countryside of stone sea hole is one of areas with the most perfect development of landforms of our country karst, the ground blames stone forest to stand, be like the stone forest austral Yunnan road; Subterranean cave freely, be like Guilin reed labyrinthian. Collect of the world marvellous spectacle at one ground, fluctuation set each other off, the sea, as dinosaurian as bamboo, dangerous coffin is paratactic for plain south 4 absolutely.

Scene area already discovered size cave 183, among them the area is in 10 thousand square metre. The area of divine wind tunnel that is located in week of home town is the largest, amount to 20 much square metre, but the wants number to be located in the countryside that promote comfort weather spring hole with most rich landscape. This hole is hidden in 100 meters to lie high below Hu Ling, from the bottom up, divide 4 in all, already opened now the 3rd, the 4th, in all 7 halls. Ground floor has underground river, there is vitreous fish in water. Advocate the hole is 2000 meters long, top part amounts to 100 meters, the widest place has 80 meters, gross area 81000 much square metre. The air inside the hole is fresh, wintry warm summer is cool, year average temperature 19 Celsius of 13 ~ , 3 come 4 class breeze. Entrance of weather spring hole is wider, go before 30 meters are level off of fluctuation of ” of edifice of “ dome cottage, area 12000 much square metre. Spend general rock, enter the beautiful ” of stone of “ a covered corridor or walk that is as long as 340 meters, two walls bestrew stalactite. Edge stone class ascends “ cloud pace to connect deep and remote ” , enter hole heart hall. Office is lofty and spacious, area and similar of hall of mouth of a cave.

Landscape of country of stone sea hole pursues

The two hill inside “ hall confront each other, one gully midstream, little bridge horizontal stroke lies. Housetop of hall the right side, one day window, strong light is shot, shine upon cliffside spring, the pearl with glittering and translucent just like, reason hall name is ” of time of jade of “ have diarrhoea. The hall is left have two basins hole, the hole calls “ Shi Ya marvellous spectacle ” before, the hole calls green banboos of “ stone forest ” after. Hind mouth of a cave, have one lofty and bright hall, area 13000 square metre, because carry glazing clean on the head to be like lens, friend name ” of “ Tian Quanming palace.
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