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Prime minister ancestral temple

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Prime minister ancestral temple is located in appropriate guest to shed stage of name a person for a particular job of southeast of cup pool park under, to commemorate prime minister of the kingdom of Shu Han of period of the Three Kingdoms asks for Yunnan south Zhu Geliang, way army city (today appropriate guest) and build. This ancestral temple only then build at Song Dai, to commemorate Huang Tingjian of poet of Northen Song Dynasty, calligrapher, person valley ancestral temple. Ming Zhengde year, repair of Feng of moustache telling seat of government its ancestral temple, await those who resemble offerring sacrifices to for Zhu Gewu. Qing Xianfeng the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, this ancestral temple and shed a cup of pool one belt destroys Yu Bing chaos, xian Feng 6 years (1856) rebuild again. Xin Chou of clear smooth mood is sought (in October 1901) , appraise city knows ” of ancestral temple of prime minister of “ of plaque of Fu Wenhuan book and “ of scrolls pasted on either side of the door forming a couplet to know perfectly well phlogistic heart to already declined feeling 3 Gujun grace go stroke a dangerous situation, after all name big decayed conceives two plain photographs Zelaibai ” of barren ancestral temple, former mark still is put at gate of this ancestral temple. Temple closing the Supreme Being is the hall after prime minister ancestral temple, become compound oneself however. Guan Yu of the model inside the hall, Guan Ping, Zhou Cang resembles, black smoke of furnace of tower of the Gu Shi outside the hall winds around, lion of beat of ancient stone inscription, stone, Shi Hua is expressed loftily stand erect. Temple adduction collect has Ji of Zhao of Song Hui an administrative unit in Xizang, bright mind Mr Zong Zhuyi, Qing Kangxi, Qianlong, Xian Feng, treat those who wait for an emperor to carry plaque, couplet together more than 10.

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