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Grand sight building

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Lou Jian of appropriate guest grand sight uprights

Building of appropriate guest grand sight the name watchtowers, the area in be located in appropriate guest city on the west market opening is 28 meters tall, 31.6 meters long, 20.4 meters wide, show a rectangle, whole floor divides a layer. Ground floor of building of appropriate guest grand sight uses stone step, there is crisscross channel in, can allow car horse to pass through. Building of appropriate guest grand sight on the west, have the Shi Ti of two each 29 class, direct floor office. Above three-layer, fasten dougong woodiness structure completely, quadrilateral upturned eaves, be high up in the air raises his head and look, window of lattice of 4 崐 week, tall open bright and beautiful. Dong Yan carries upstair, hang have ” of building of “ grand sight 3 words a horizontal inscribed board, every word square 1.5 meters, dripping wet of merry and lively, forceful and powerful, it is Qianlong year an assistant to a high official that tells government office to hold grand in the palm book of Ji Xuanming place; Below Xi Yan, have “ southwest 4 words of half wall ” a horizontal inscribed board, cheesy and fluent, pretty and vigrous, for Qing Daihua Yang Guru compiles a book, whole floor form builds elegant elegance, lofty is magnificent, maintained the structure style of our country tradition, the Tian An Men of Beijing of be similar in shape.

Building of appropriate guest grand sight

Before liberating, building of appropriate guest grand sight year long disrepair, broken of lattice of window of a high building is not complete, pillar eave is corroded, downstair passageway became the ground that beggar perchs, upstairs call the police to watch fire and lock up the place of ” of “ v/arc able-bodied man, whole Lou Yu is bleak and desolate.

Building of appropriate guest grand sight


After liberating, people government unplugs for many times building of grand sight of guest of paragraph repair appropriate, those who make look brand-new, more grander than before grand. Tourist can read a book to the library inside the building already, can ascend Lou Xin to admire ancient architectural again masterly and artistic.

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