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The Zhu Hai austral Sichuan

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Qing of 10 thousand mountain is located in original name the Yu Maizhong of hill of southern reaching the sky that Sichuan grows peaceful, river to install two counties to abut, be apart from 50 kilometre of county length peace, be apart from 81 kilometre of appropriate guest city. 28 mountain ridge inside scene area are dense Zhu Lin completely, zhu Bo ripples, connect piece into the sea, green the Na Duan that showed day seat of government. So capacious without the Nan Zhu Haiyang of border, solid for domestic and international place infrequent. The Zhu Hai austral Sichuan was labelled by the State Council 1988 countrywide key scenery scenic spot area, had the honor to win resort of “ China travel 1991 40 beautiful ” and “ China natural beauty spot the title of 10 beautiful ” .

 Scene of sea wind of the bamboo austral Sichuan pursues

Huang Tingjian ever came to poet of Northen Song Dynasty of bamboo sea according to legend this swims, ascend peak top when him, see so elegant into piece when Zhu Hai, the assist that cannot refrain from: “ is strong! Bamboo Bomoli, ear of delicate eyebrows sister! ” countryside person hears the news to come round in succession libation, the poet says “ beautiful description already made me drunk excitedly! Of ” his excitement “ was written on cliff ” of Qing of 10 thousand mountain 3 big character. There are two native places inside Zhu Hai up to now still renown ” of rural area of 10 thousand mountain mixes “ “ ” of 10 thousand lis of countryside.

 Scene of sea wind of the bamboo austral Sichuan pursues

Area of area of seascape of the bamboo austral Sichuan 120 square kilometer, altitude 600-1000 rice, be it is main distinguishing feature with Zhujing, the scenery that holds cultural relic historic site concurrently scenic spot area. Bamboo of many mus of 70 thousand Nan spreads all over central scene area size 28 chain of mountains, 500 many hill, zhu Lincheng piece, dense and verdant, lush and green, billows sound blast. Uprise is looked at, insignificant of mist-covered water grand, be just as green ocean, terribly is grand, for domestic and international infrequent. Premier Li Peng inscribes demit: The Zhu Haitian austral “ Sichuan issues emerald green ” , for the Zhu Haijing austral Sichuan Ou Zenghui buys variety.

   Scene of sea wind of the bamboo austral Sichuan pursues
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