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The Zhu Hai austral Sichuan

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Average height above sea level is in bamboo sea 600 meters are controlled to 1000 meters, air temperature lowest not under centigrade zero, highest do not exceed centigrade 30 degrees, dong Nuanxia is cool, very delightful, so the climate here travels aptly all the year round. Zhu Haizhi numerous Xie Mao, lots and lots of bamboo shows Feng Zi each and illuminate with bright photograph, they or each other hold Cheng Cong in the arms, be like ground of green Zhu Zhui; Or photograph of depend on each other is helped up, the emerald green day that receive the cloud; Or freely crisscross, form emerald green jade like labyrinthian; Or concentrated roadside, interweave like Cheng Cuiyu arcade; Or stand firm in the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, the fine that does not have a smooth beautiful image is interesting. Had turned labyrinthian quiet means, enter Zhu Yin in, more see green brume misting and clouds, Qing Dynasty enrages float. Cool breeze Xu comes, see group of bamboo only suddenly dancing has dance, sway 10 thousand lis, beautiful bamboo sea has beautiful scenery everywhere really, have poetic flavour everywhere, including the delicate fragrance of bamboo everywhere. The Zhu Hai of stretch to the horizon, lian Chuan links mountain range, its affection its scene, can make you are intoxicated.

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