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Yunnan Hunan is male " 7.12 " work of trouble removal of trailer coach to turn o

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Wait to try hard to mix with all possible means through Motor Corporation of Yunnan province travel the active assistance that bureau of tourism of appropriate guest city expedites personnel, "7.12 " trouble removal job is overall and smooth advance smoothly.
One, the wounded circumstance
End 17 days, after already having check-up of hospital of 9 children classics, leave hospital, hospital of the classics below the requirement of old person of Shu Shiying of heavy patient of a danger in the family member agrees, already joined the liberation army at turning 17 days afternoon the 43rd hospital (total hospital of liberation army Kunming) , old person of precious of element of Liu of another danger heavy patient still is in sick into death in. Current, still be in what Chu Xiong hospital undertakes remedial to get hurt the tourist still has 26 (4 children) .
2, remedy a situation.
Current, to the dead's family member compensatory job already entered materiality negotiation phase, mood of the dead's family member is stabler, preliminary agree to handle a body as soon as possible. Motor Corporation of Yunnan province travel is in business of as active as the family member of children of 8 basic rehabilitation Cuo compensates for matters concerned. Additional, travel agent of appropriate guest red sun, Yunnan saves agency of travel of world rich international to make known his position clearly already, sum returns the travel League membership dues of all tourists, make proper compensation. Branch of guest of appropriate of insurance company of Chinese people property already had made the relevant preparation that pays tourist person accident harm danger to compensate of the dead's family member.
3, family member circumstance
17 days afternoon, 10 people take group of the wounded household the special that Motor Corporation of Yunnan province travel plans returns Kunming, take that day Kunming, the train of appropriate guest returns appropriate guest. Current, the casualty staff family member that still remains in Chu Xiong already was decreased by 63 people to 48 people.

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