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The standard forms a delegation management ensures travel is safe

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On July 12 40 tourists of our city of organization of travel agent of appropriate guest red sun go to Kun Dali male city of Hunan of travel by way of produces accident traffic accident (the following abbreviation " 7 · 12 " accident) hind, for farther derive " 7 · 12 " the experience lesson of the accident, business of normative organized tour, reduce travel agent to run a risk, ensure our city tourist is safe, city tourism bureau manages at holding travel agent of appropriate guest city to form a delegation on July 23 afternoon groom the job is met. The conference is chaired by Li Lin of deputy director general of city tourism bureau, chief of Motor Corporation of 2 28 travel agent of whole town, travel attended the meeting.
Li Lin of deputy director general of city tourism bureau was reported above all " 7 · 12 " accident and processing circumstance. City travel executes the law detachment detachment grows Yang Bo again how the standard forms a delegation management, reduce management risk, ensure travel safety was done reiterate and ask, requirement travel agent must be cast strictly guarantee a place difficult of access of travel agent responsibility, throw narrow pass of the harm outside keeping tourist person idea actively, the vehicle of travel passenger transport that must plan tourism travel and hire to accord with aptitude from the angle science of safe drive a vehicle, must the detail such as advertisement of normative travel contract, travel, salesroom management works, put an end to travel agent to form a delegation exist in the activity a series of violating compasses is insecure behavior. In the meantime, city tourism bureau will increase standard management further, execute the law to check and violate compasses chasten strength, ensure organized tour of our city travel agent is restful and great.
In the meantime, wine of branch of guest of appropriate of insurance company of property of the group of trouble removal of city policeman detachment that city tourism bureau invites technically, China people, city attorney office parts to be mixed to whole town travel agent about the expert travel Motor Corporation is tuitional trouble removal of safety of transportation of experience brigade road and compensate pay. In serious listen respectfully the essence of experts is collected tuitional hind, controller of whole town travel agent quizs eagerly, each expert patience dispels doubts, double quadrate Cheng Liang is very interactive, personnel attending the meeting expresses in succession, this the conference benefits a lot, such grooming very seasonable, very significant.
Finally, chen Youshu of director of city tourism bureau emphasized holding this to groom again the principal port of the meeting and " 7 · 12 " of the accident draw lessons from action. In brief bulletin our city travel develops circumstance and key to communicate municipal Party committee first half of the year 3 8 plenary sessions " from force, accelerate development, make contribution more " after main drive, travel agent of whole town of requirement of Director Chen Youshu and travel Motor Corporation be sure to according to " grab grab get right on the job of good luck, innovation, accelerate development, much make contribution " the annual that working guiding principle is satisfactory implementation to save city make known to lower levels travels goal assignment works hard.
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