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Bureau of tourism of appropriate guest city is carried out seriously fulfil muni

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On July 25, bureau of tourism of appropriate guest city holds all worker meeting, learned a winter to give birth to secretary and Guang Lei's mayor to be in seriously complete appoint the serious talk on the meeting, " the 3rd council of city of guest of Chinese Communist appropriate the resolution that the 8th plenary session develops to make contribution more about be being accelerated from force " with " appropriate guest daily " publish. The conference is chaired by director Chen Youshu.
On the meeting, director Chen Youshu asks global worker comprehends conference spirit seriously, carry out in the round fulfil municipal Party committee " accelerate development to make contribution more from force " overall demand, insist to grab seize opportunity, innovation get right on the job, accelerate development hard, make contribution more. The key has grabbed 5 crucial jobs: It is to should center energy, manpower, financial capacity, boosting integral sale, extend the firm on passenger source market to make great efforts; 2 it is to should fulfil responsibility, administer thoroughly, in ensure the firm on travel safety makes great efforts; 3 it is to should insist to standardize, outstanding human nature is changed, manage in aggrandizement industry, optimize the firm on travel environment to make great efforts; 4 it is to want modes of life and relation to their environment of base oneself upon, buckle culture closely, on development travel product firm makes great efforts; 5 it is to want to catch a standard single-handed, catch single-handed recommend, on development countryside travel firm makes great efforts. The job of each job target that should finish the beginning of the year to decide in the round not only, and want from force, accelerate development, effort is advisable progress of guest economy society and development of complete province travel make contribution more.

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