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Bureau of tourism of appropriate guest city about transmit " Sichuan saves touri

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Bureau of tourism of each area county, each travel agent:

Save the arrangement that exam of qualification of tourist guide personnel worked 2008 according to Sichuan, job of exam of qualification of the member that the our city will begin tourist guide person at coming 26 days on September 15 signing up, take an exam this for successful organization, finish each job job satisfactorily, now will " bureau of Sichuan province tourism guided 2008 about the organization swim the announcement that personnel qualification takes an exam " (plain brigade sends 〔 2008 〕 98) transmit you, inform concerned item as follows:

One, bureau of area county tourism begins propagandist work actively inside respective area under administration, enlarge propagandist face through the means such as local news media, network, enhance propagandist strength; Want to strengthen service consciousness, it is an incoming telegram actively, call in examinee provides detailed, overall advisory service;

2, travel agent wants a basis to inform spirit, the reference that be publicized actively and has arranged relevant staff member works;

3, take an examination of Wu this to work to be managed by standard of quality of city tourism bureau the division is specific and responsible, connect a telephone call: 8201675, 8201677, contact: Ma Li.

Inform hereby.

Accessory: " bureau of Sichuan province tourism the announcement that about the organization qualification of tourist guide personnel took an exam 2008 " (plain brigade sends 〔 2008 〕 98)

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