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Province tourism bureau " plain south travel link line " the our city will inspe

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For resource of farther integrated travel, accelerate installation of perfect form a complete set, promote travel circuitry image, will plain south travel link line is made make the line of travel high-quality goods that has international force, province tourism bureau was started formally plain south conformity of travel circuitry element works. On August 23, 25 days, group of expert of province tourism bureau leads group group by He Yucheng of researcher of institute of country of Chengdu of Chinese Academy of Sciences 5 people basically travel to the our city scene area (dot) undertook the spot inspects survey to work. Height of city tourism bureau takes this seriously " plain south travel link line " inspect survey job, right whole recieved the job to undertake detailed and careful deploy, li Hua of director Chen Youshu, deputy director general is accompanied respectively inspect survey and exchanged an opinion with respect to relevant job.
Expert group group is right garden of 5 grain fluid industry square of mark of area, ground, Li Zhuang is ancient beautiful of sea of Nazhu of town, Sichuan, evening Shan Gumin Ju Hexing article. Each scene area (dot) height takes seriously, had made sufficient preparation, through holding an informal discussion, the tourist attraction makes an on-the-spot investigation on the spot wait for means, the travel resource that revealed an our city to abound to expert group and tourism infrastructure build a case. Expert group group was sure our city travel is in adequately plain south the significant position of travel, thinking appropriate guest travels consistently is plain south one of node with the most important travel, hope our city can apply the concept that develops scientificly and train of thought, seize opportunity, accelerate development, pay attention to a brand to make, the development that travels for complete province makes larger contribution.

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