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"7.12 " job of trouble removal of Yunnan Chu Xiong continues to be advanced effe

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The effort of the assistance that passes us and Yunnan respect, current, "7 · 12 " accident (namely travel agent of appropriate Bingong sun organized 40 tourists of our city to go to Kun Dali on July 12 city of Chu Xiong of travel by way of produces accident traffic accident) processing job is successful and smooth advance, end the situation was as follows on July 25:
One, the dead's circumstance
"7 · 12 " the accident shares tourist of 5 senile women to die, the dead's remains has been cremated entirely, the dead's family member already signed compensatory agreement with Yunnan travel Motor Corporation, job of deal with problems arising from an accident is handled basically already end.
2, the wounded circumstance
End at present, already 12 the wounded turn into liberation army Kunming respectively total hospital, Kunming is accessary hospital of 2 hospitals, Kunming Red Cross has treatment; A the wounded already entered 2 hospitals at turning on July 25 morning, in additionally 4 the wounded are returning appropriate way, plan to turn into the our city 2 hospitals continue to treat. 7 people still stay in Yunnan Hunan male hospital to continue to treat. It is better that the wounded the condition of an injury of 24 afore-mentioned hospitalizations restores a situation. End at present, have 11 people (have 9 children among them, 2 adult) recover basically and already dealt with leave hospital of formalities.
7 basic rehabilitation already were dealt with leave hospital the tourist of formalities already signed compensatory agreement with Yunnan travel Motor Corporation.
Current, 10 right-and-left family members stay in Chu Xiong, nurse get hurt tourist, family member mood is relatively stable.

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