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Group of tourism of Pudong of first Shanghai after shake comes our city sightsee

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Came 27 days on August 24, the investigation group of Shanghai Pudong tourism that the Lai Yibin before the our city was recieved successfully steps on a dot inspect travel circuitry. Inspect an activity as this step on the line the apparent effect of a get effect instantly, came 6 days on September 4, by Shanghai travel agent of fact China international forms a delegation, appropriate 12 people stepped round group of tourism of Pudong of first Shanghai of the our city after the shock that the ground receives travel agent of Bin Chunzhi travel the brigade of appropriate Bin Guili's magical zoology culture. On September 4 midday, chen Youshu of director of city tourism bureau, li Hua of deputy director general, Li Lin is in wine restaurant expressed the most cordial welcome to the Shanghai tourist that come from afar, and to this group crew gave a souvenir.
Be in next in two days, the travel scene division that this tourism group appreciates one by one the our city to have a delegate most -- be known as " 3 seas " sea of Sichuan Na Zhuhai, Xing Wenshi sea, wine of 5 grain fluid, and the travel restaurant of top level of stay our city -- Zhuhai a haven of peace goes vacationing hotel. During this, city tourism bureau will pay close attention to quality trace of round to this travel service, group of tourism of Pudong of first Shanghai of the our city after be shake with all one's strength provides the travel environment of more comfortable warmth, to welcome more Shanghai visitors in succession (it is reported, shanghai east the travel of 50 more than person that lake travel agent organizes is round will in October the first ten days of a month comes appropriate sightseeing goes vacationing) with active open up travel market establishs Hua Dong more strong base, what promote appropriate guest tourism further thereby is famous spend and beautiful praise degree, make appropriate guest into hard for national level nature zoology and historical culture travel destination.

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