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"The Mid-autumn Festival " gains of travel of guest of small appropriate length

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This year " the Mid-autumn Festival " be labelled first legal holiday, branch of director of our city travel and height of each travel company take seriously " the Mid-autumn Festival " travel works. Pass worker of system of whole town travel work hard, whole town welcomes a visitor in all during the holiday 439 thousand person-time, implementation travel income seventy-eight million five hundred and eighty-one thousand yuan. Among them, the Zhu Hai austral Sichuan welcomes a visitor 8671 person-time, entrance ticket income 412 thousand yuan; Promote Wen Shihai to welcome a visitor 1773 person-time, entrance ticket income one hundred and thirty-eight thousand three hundred yuan; Li Zhuang ancient town welcomes a visitor 6900 person-time, entrance ticket income seventeen thousand one hundred yuan; House of Gu Min of evening beautiful hill welcomes a visitor 1719 person-time, entrance ticket income twenty-five thousand two hundred yuan; 僰 Wang Shan welcomes a visitor 1809 person-time, entrance ticket income thirteen thousand nine hundred and eighty yuan.
This year " the Mid-autumn Festival " draw near " 11 " National Day golden week, had done " the Mid-autumn Festival " vacation travel works, to warm-up " 11 " market of the golden week climax, travel after driving travel of short line of outskirts of a city, stimulative calamity warms up have special sense. Branch of director of our city travel and each travel company had been done already actively answer the job, accomplish good morning to discharge early deploy, ensured " the Mid-autumn Festival " holiday comes true " safe, order, quality, benefit " 4 unified targets. The tourist spent a comfortable, cheerful, orderly, auspicious traditional happy festival time.
Safety of travel of good to catch holiday works, travel is in charge of consciousness of sectional aggrandizement safety, fulfil system of safety responsibility, strengthen early-warning to be on guard to deal with with lash-up preparation. On one hand, the leader such as Li Lin of Chen Youshu of director of city tourism bureau, deputy director general is mixed before the section team development is headed for many times during the festival scene area tourist attraction checks secure job. On the other hand, department of whole town various travel and scene area tourist attraction carry out a holiday strictly to travel 24 hours to be worth class system, stand fast post, develop a service at masses, service the spirit at the tourist, it is the service truly this the concept is perforative in own job, if grow peaceful county,tourism bureau establishs travel to serve advisory point in thoroughfare of the traffic inside the county. The security that enhances pair of a gleam of to serve personnel of personnel and travel agent the leader of a sports team, tourist guide at the same time is taught, raise safe consciousness, fulfil safe responsibility, the acknowledge that enhances pair of sudden incident and deal with ability. To build atmosphere of holiday travel market, area of seascape of the bamboo austral Sichuan was rolled out for the tourist " wonderful scenery of the sea that see bamboo, admire mid-autumn bright month " thematic activity, prepared meticulously to participate in the bonfire evening party with extremely strong sex to wait, the travel that satisfied numerous people to grow ceaselessly consumes demand, for tourist friend journey the life added a lot of joy.
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