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Catch good travel safety to receive mid-autumn festival

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Be in the first " the Mid-autumn Festival " during small long holiday is coming, to build safe and high grade travel environment, on September 12, li Lin of Chen Youshu of director of bureau of tourism of appropriate guest city, deputy director general leads quality standard to manage travel of division, city to execute the law key of hotel of class of area of main condition of our city of development of detachment concerned comrade, star examined experience stay away from home secure job.
In area of seascape of the bamboo austral Sichuan, director Chen Youshu is emphasized together with director of management board of sea of city Sichuan Nazhu Comrade Bai Hao checked safety of bamboo sea cableway to run a condition, before emphasizing scene area be sure to make good red-letter day repeatedly, go up with the water during the festival, the secure job such as road, fire prevention; In bamboo sea guesthouse, inspection team emphasis looked carefully at guest room, dining-room and kitchen, be in to this guesthouse on the spot the safe hidden trouble that the respect such as food sanitation, fire control exists put forward to rectify and reform a requirement clearly; In Li Zhuang ancient town, inspection team looked carefully at each tourist attraction seriously, director Chen Youshu asks ancient town is cogent do good meal sanitation, fire prevention to wait for experience brigade safety to work.
Pass this inspection, saw already " the Mid-autumn Festival " the our city is main before small long holiday the steady work that restaurant of class of scene area, star does in safe field place, also discovered certain hidden trouble and inadequacy. System of whole town travel will increase secure job strength further, ensure " the Mid-autumn Festival " holiday comes true satisfactorily " safe, order, quality, benefit " 4 unified targets.

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