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Province tourism bureau comes to appropriate guest city coach Li Zhuang ancient

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On July 9 morning, wang Ying of the member that by the province finance affairs of tourism bureau program is in assistant survey heads a group, lead Shi Yingping of assistant dean of college of Sichuan university travel, professor, wang Chong of assistant dean of travel of Sichuan Normal University and program design, professor, doctor and finance affairs of program of province tourism bureau are in a cadre a 4 people are in Chen Yanhua deputy warden of area of Li Hua of deputy director general of bureau of tourism of appropriate guest city, emerald green screen.
Expert group group is opposite above all tourist attraction and the parking lot such as palace of alley of street of ancestral temple of Dong Yue temple, Home Zhang, sheep, matting, the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty undertook on-the-spot guidance, raised the question of existence in time. Subsequently, inspection team group had have an informal discussion in cabinet of the four stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper. On the informal discussion, ancient to Li Zhuang town founds Song Renwei of Qian Feng of secretary of Party committee of Li Zhuang town, alcalde circumstance of progress of job of division of AAAA stage travel undertook special subject is reported, what the problem knead dough that Ge Weijie of director of bureau of tourism of area of Li Hua of deputy director general of city tourism bureau, emerald green screen also introduced to establish working progress circumstance, presence at present respectively faces is difficult. Province A judges an expert Professor Shi Yingping and Wang Chong are tuitional respectively from professional point of view, according to " of grade of quality of travel scene area delimit dispenses assess " standard (GB / T17775-2003) , commented on Li Zhuang to found the problem that the job exists on soft hardware standard, the hope founds an unit to be able to consider the optional location of tourist center seriously, parking lot setting, internal standard of normative scene area knows sign, perfect scene division is public function of establishment, travel. Wang Ying of the member that finance affairs of program of province tourism bureau is in assistant survey emphasizes on the informal discussion: Found a mechanism to want to strengthen a leadership, make in time piece cogent and effective establish plan, program, proper investment, ensure establish a success, those who save tourism bureau to will support Li Zhuang ancient town with all one's strength found the job. Finally, zhang Yonggong of deputy warden of be assigned personal responsibility for of area of emerald green screen expresses, harmonious and relevant section, hammer and tongs, become ancient town of good Li Zhuang actively according to the expert's opinion found area of scene of AAAA stage travel to work, ensure of goal assignment finish.

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