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Superintend and director of major of travel of appropriate guest city is checked

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According to office of government of government of people of appropriate guest city " the announcement that about safe production is being begun 100 days in whole town superintend and director investigates special operation " appropriate government office does case 〔 2008 〕 118 files requirement, superintend and director of city travel major is checked group be opposite at coming 10 days on July 9, 2008 of the safe hidden danger that in was being checked to 4 days of superintend and director on June 2, discovers rectified and reform a circumstance to undertake turning round to check, all sorts of safe lash-up rescue that establish to each unit at the same time beforehand mechanism of forecast of early-warning of case and its drilling circumstance, flood season, flood prevention is on duty system, and begin " month of countrywide safe production " mobile circumstance had comprehensive examination.
In be checked later, the requirement that when we discover unit of each responsibility main body checks group of examinations according to superintend and director, raises is rectified and reform seriously, fulfil person specially assigned for a task and rectify and reform special funds, be aimed at oneself property and characteristic, made " " month of countrywide safe production " mobile plan " , undertook to employee safe knowledge and skill groom, perfected all sorts of safety beforehand case and administrative system. Only wine restaurant was thrown 10 thousand multivariate, perfected hotel elevator call the police system; Far can restaurant built rigid safety management system and system of perfect archives management, made groom and take an exam with nonsked safe knowledge regularly to employee. Check this later also discovered a few new hidden trouble are mixed rectify and reform the unit that does not fulfil, be like: Center guesthouse has not been rectified and reform up to now on the west end, data of interior of partial unit safety is diseased, archives management is relatively confused wait.
In the examination, superintend and director is checked the group is right secure job is caught solidly effective far can the unit such as restaurant offerred sufficient affirmation, encourage them to make persistent efforts, do safe work weller, the model that makes ergonomics of safety of restaurant of whole town travel review; To rectifying and reform the Xi Yuanbin of not do one's best the unit such as the house undertook sharp criticism, emphasize must be being rectified and reform thoroughly according to the regulation.

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